Thursday, August 30, 2012

Don't Tread On Me...

Don't Tread On Me...

Now most are familiar with this motto I'm sure,

I don't know 13 letters that will ever say more.
Just 4 simple words, that's all most people see,
Then there are free people, people like me.

We bow before no man, no ruler, no king,
And our so called government is about the same thing.
Together they plot, the liars and thieves,
Murderous bastards only driven by greed.

The more people they murder, the more money they make,
But "Don't Tread On Me" says your money is fake.
Never been dependent on the story you sell,
Before I worship your dollar, I'll see you in hell.

Yet the most shocking part of their devious plan, 
Is the people who buy it, led to slaughter like lambs.
You're nothing but cattle in the eyes of "The Man,"
He buys you and sells you and you allow it to stand.

You're blind to reality, You're completely asleep,
Kept a slave by distractions, kept obedient with "treats."
You've been programmed since birth with their poisonous lies,
Told "Study hard and work harder and the limit's the sky."

But what they teach in the schools isn't knowledge or truth,
It's obedience training they perform on our youth.
The curriculum employed is all "standardized,"
That's their P.C. way of keeping the wool over eyes.

They patiently perfect every tactic we face,
"Practice makes perfect" "Slow and steady wins the race."
If you can't see it by now then I'm wasting my breath,
The actions are blatant,  spreading plague like black death.  

"Don't Tread On Me" is more than just words,
It's a warning well heeded by those who have heard.
It's a promise to myself and to those who I love, 
That we'll always be free, beyond and above.

I don't pray to god, and that's just what I choose,
But if I did I would ask him that this fight we won't lose.
I'd pray that the "sheep" who have yet to awake, 
Quickly open their eyes before it's truly too late.

Seek out the truth, it's not at all hard to find,
You just have to look and open your mind.
Step outside the box, there's so much to learn,
And know free people united, stand strong and stand firm.


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