Friday, July 29, 2011

"Hater in the Rye"

A brief conversation that I have titled:  "Hater in the rye"

Tuesday:Bruno Mi (via Facebook message)
So that Unfiltered page is yours? WTF is it supposed to be? Looks like a catch-all for pot jokes but not much actual info other than busts and shit...

Wednesday:Jeremy Fink(via Facebook Message)
Thank you for the feedback. It is simply a forum for like minded people...I add things that interest me that I read in the news. I am glad you stopped by and read at least the first half of the visible page...If you read the description in the info it says it is a "page for the open minded, critical thinkers who have a disposition towards logic and common sense." I know we all can't see eye to eye on everything but I try to entertain and bring certain things to light that everyone may not be seeing. If it is too dull for you may I suggest Fox News, MSNBC, or one of the other numerous main stream media outlets...Perhaps Bill O' Reilly is something you would enjoy more...Medicate, Educate, and Fight the Hate my friend...

Hater's gonna' Hate...

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