Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Holidays!!!

I was checking Facebook today when I woke up and read a wonderful post from NORML. I just wanted to pass along the sentiment...

On this National day of recognition, 4-20, among those of us who are referred to as the counterculture of this nation, please remember to not only celebrate the wonderful gift of cannabis but to take the time and look around you at the people who call us the counterculture and inform and educate them to the benefits of cannabis, not only medicinally, but spiritually as well.

It is our responsibility today to approach those we know who are "not cool" and let them into our world and be messengers and missionaries of the cause, if you will.

Happy 420 everyone!!!

P.S. Don't forget to give back to Mother Earth on Thursday...it is her day that day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Our local State Rep. and Senator "Just say No"...

Recently I wrote to my local State Senator and State Representative regarding HB1393 also known as "The compassionate use of marijuana act" that is currently being reviewed by the state health and human services committee. I asked each of them where they stood on the issue and to please explain briefly why they held the position that they do.

Dave Reed simply responded to me via email with a resounding "Opposed" and did not offer any further comment on the matter which in my book means he is either under informed or close minded to the issue at hand.

Sen. Don White responded to me on some beautiful letterhead (which made me wonder if he pays for that out of pocket, or if we taxpayers do) and addressed the issue of marijuana legalization, not HB 1393. He said that he was opposed to marijuana legalization and as far as medicinal marijuana use was concerned he felt it should be left to the Feds instead of our state government.

Just a quick lesson in government for those of you who may not know...The Constitution of the United States guarantees that state rights hold precedent over Federal law...In other words, it is the states who must pass the laws they see fit for their citizens, not the Feds. The founding fathers did that to protect us from "Big Brother".

Folks, these are our elected representatives and they seem to either be so hard set against the compassionate use for marijuana by sick individuals, or so misinformed on the issue that they don't know how to respond. 

Now I am used to politicians blowing smoke up all of our asses, that is what they do. In this time of economic trial and with a new generation of free thinkers and compassionate human beings coming to the plate to stand up for what is right, I urge you all to seriously consider what is at hand and at the very least inform yourselves on the issues. 

I had two grandparents die from cancer in the last couple of years, and I know in my heart of hearts that marijuana would have given them a better quality of life for their remaining days. Instead they were given the old standard...morphine. 

For anyone who has never been subjected to morphine or opiate therapy, it does help with pain, but it is also agony when it begins to wear off. The associated sickness from withdrawal symptoms is nightmarish to say the least. I know from experience that marijuana could have been a viable option for both of them to manage their pain and not subject them to opiate pain management, which by the way is becoming an epidemic in this country.

The powers that be have programmed this country to put their faith in pharmacology and opiates...

No thank you, I'll choose nature over poison any day.

I would be greatly interested at any comment or feedback on this blog.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Santonio Holmes trade, Right or Wrong?

After getting the news in the wee hours of this morning that Steelers WR and Super Bowl MVP Santonio Holmes had been traded to the New York Jets for a fifth round draft pick I was stunned, not just at the fact that he had been dealt for such a low pick but that the undertones of marijuana prohibition in this country ring out loud and true...Even in the NFL.

Here is a man who has worked hard his entire life to get where he is and simply because he chooses to speak out and stand up for what he believes in (marijuana use) he is persecuted by not only the NFL, but the team who he helped deliver an unprecedented sixth Super Bowl to.

Don't get me wrong, I love my Steelers and I love the Rooneys and the City of Pittsburgh, and I know the Rooneys have no tolerance for players who violate league policy or the laws of our country. I remember a young man by the name of Bam Morris who was a RB for the Steelers in the 90's and during the off-season, he was caught with 40 lbs of marijuana and subsequently arrested and ultimately cut by the team. What I didn't understand then that he was merely made an example of by the NFL and it's founding fathers. His dreams were torn away from him simply because he had chosen a path in life.They did not judge him on his abilities or talents, just on the fact that he was another victim of the "War on Drugs" which is now being seen for the failure that it is.

I understand we are all responsible for the choices we make in life and have to deal with the consequences that result from our choices. Illegal or not, medicinal or not...I will always be an advocate for the end of marijuana prohibition in this country and I will always speak out loudly and clearly when discussing that topic.

So long Santonio, and thanks for the memories...

Maybe someday you and I can blaze one together...

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