Monday, March 15, 2010

The Truth Hurts...

    (Some names have been changed to protect the privacy of concerned individuals)

Today I would like to tell you about a working man. A man with a family, wife and child, who is out here in our great nation doing the best he can to make ends meet each day despite the troubles our economy faces. A story of a man who I have been proud to call friend for most of my life...

Let me start out by telling you a little about "Bill." He works for the county where he lives and he has lived in that county for most all of his life. He abides by the laws and doesn't get in trouble or cause problems for anyone. He is dedicated to his family and friends and you couldn't ask for anyone better to have your back in the time of need.

One day near the beginning of March "Bill" stopped in the local branch office of his bank and wanted to make a withdrawal from his joint savings account that he holds with his wife. To his horror he is told by the teller that his JOINT savings account has a ZERO balance, down from $2,300.00 the last he checked a few days ago.

Now most of you probably took the natural turn in the story, assuming that his wife had cleaned him out, those are the times we live in...

But here's where it gets interesting...

He is then told by an officer of the bank that a finance company has filed an account garnishment against him and that they were given the money out of his savings account by the bank. This finance company had bought the debt that he had accrued many years ago with a jeweler and emptied his savings account to collect on the debt.

"The Bank" is apparently the only bank in the state that allows for the garnishment of savings accounts, held jointly with his wife I might add, by judgment, something "Bill" was not made aware of before or after the money was removed from his account.

After being violated in this manner "Bill" contacted his attorney and confided in his family, who in turn sided with" Bill", of course. "Bill" then went back to the bank with and to their surprise, Bill's Granny, whom had worked for the very same bank for thirty years....imagine that.

 She found out how the bank that she trusted and labored for so many years had taken away lifeblood from her brood. She swooshed her money out of that bank and when she asked to withdrawal, they asked her..."Are you sure you want all your money"? That my friends is when you know you are wealthy...when family and money and morals all meet in the middle and family and morals kick the shit out of money...

Pretty good story huh?

I should develop it into a screenplay or something huh?  

Too bad it is based on a true story...

It happened to my very best friend just like I told it,
Here... America.

Wake Up Everybody...before it is you next time.


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bridging the generation gap...

I just spent the equivalent of a weekend with one of the brightest 24 year olds on the planet. You might wonder why I profess such a bold and certain statement, and I can tell you why, he is willing to endure and cope with the pain and stress related to thinking for himself and for the betterment of humans, our species, not just head to the grindstone in the shallowness that is America.

He believes in people my age, which instantly shows his intelligence, and takes a concept of someone else's and is willing to make his voice heard  AND  add his spin on the whole damn thing. He pulls no punches and tells things like he sees them. He has earned my respect with merely expression of his thoughts and the picking of his mind.

He gave me hope that I can succeed and that is a rare in beautiful thing to find in life...

He made Whitney's words ring true...The children are our future, lest we never forget that...

More to come my loyal listeners...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

March 07, 2010: 12:43 am

I'd like to talk a little bit about Pennsylvania House Bill 1393 sponsored by Rep. Mark Cohen and others. 

I just finished reading the bill in its entirety and have been studying the history of the bill since its introduction to the House. I am glad that legislation has reached the state level that calls for the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes. I also want to state that I am an intelligent educated man who is a history student and also understands that to error is human, and as I have erred and learned from my mistakes, I hope our great Commonwealth will realize the time for change has come and learn from its mistakes both economic and moral. 

This is not only the right thing to do, but with the proper education provided in harm reduction to our youth, it can be a huge benefit to the economy of our state and our people.

In response to Sharon Smith of Mechanicsburg, PA who testified in the bill hearing, I do wish to express my condolences or your tragedy, however I abhor the thought that you would connect solely marijuana use to what happened to your children. I ask you, what other drugs were your children medicating themselves with? I medicated myself with alcohol for 10 years in substitution of marijuana and it was the most horrible addiction I have ever beaten, yet it is legal to be consumed by all. What is the profound medical benefit of bourbon? I know it kills pain too...

People find help in all sorts of things...there are questions to ask when determining abuse to legality and to what can be beneficial if regulated properly.

Oxycontin and prescription medicine are abused,animals are abused,  food itself is abused. Don't confuse your belief legality and misuse with common sense.

Let the people speak and the state prosper from their word...


Jeremy C. Fink

Friday, March 5, 2010

Mar 5, 2010: 11:31 PM EST

Today I am only going to pose a question to you all...As we  "be" within the confines of our own minds, what is the end of the world that we are all bracing for in 2012?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

March 04, 2010: 8:21pm

I realized it is time for me to say what I think the world needs to hear, so if you are at all interested in that, tag along and keep picking up what I am gonna be putting down. My voice is strong...

Monday, March 1, 2010

March 1, 2010 12:55 am

If you are truly without fear then you should have no problem with accepting someone else's view as to what the end of the world as you know it will be...

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