Monday, May 3, 2010

Getting Answers-Part 1...

Anyone who knows me knows that I am weird...that is to say I have always marched to the beat of a different drummer. I have always lived my life the way I wanted to and that hasn't always agreed with everyone involved in my life and probably still doesn't. It has provided me with legal issues and hindered my ability to do many of the things I truly desire in this world.
 I do not however let it get me down anymore...

 I was severely depressed for many years and turned to alcohol as a way to cope with what life was dealing me. Along the way there were failed relationships, stints in jail, a felony conviction, the loss of a marriage, and numerous other things. Some folks figured just because I chose a path in life that I needed to take that I was trash or a loser...not so. I have always been a thinker, a scholar, a learner. I have always had an insatiable appetite for knowledge and a heart of gold. I have been seeking answers my whole life and just recently I have begun to find them...

This past month has been a whirlwind of emotion, life lessons, deep thought, and hard work. Trying to keep myself from falling back into the abyss that I was so helplessly trapped in for so many years...trying to continue on the path of less resistance that society says is the way we Americans do things. Well, in the past month I have figured out I am not part of the norm and I beg to differ with society...especially American society as we know it today.

What I am about to say will probably warrant me being affixed with many negative labels... I am used to this however, it is the American way for us to judge others and look down upon those with whom we don't agree, and part of that judgment is labeling people, for the most part unjustly, I have been called Liberal, Leftist, Anarchist, Stoner, Druggie, Addict, Alcoholic, Communist, Abuser, Convict, Felon, Criminal, just to name a few of the more negative things associated with my name. Most of these labels were given to me by people who have no real understanding of me as a person, the sum total of my life to this point, or anything about me in general.

The people who do know me and have been a part of my WHOLE life...friends, family, the people who matter label me in a totally different way...Unique, talented, genius, good-hearted, well intentioned, knowledgeable, kind, considerate, hilarious, witty, just to name a few.

My question is this: Why such contrast in opinion between society in general and those who truly know me?

Because society judges based on fragments and juicy details...personal business taken out of context if you will. Those we love judge on the total of what my life is and is dedicated to. They judge on the things they know I am capable of and the things that I do well. They judge with their hearts, memories, and experiences as a whole while society disregards any and all good deed in the light of a mistake.

There was this guy who once said: "To err is human..." meaning we all fuck up from time to time, some of us more than others, some of us more severely than others, but we all do it. I add to that concept...that not only do we all fuck up but our mistakes do not define us as people, we all are constantly changing and evolving, that is human nature at its most simple definition...we change.

I watched the movie "Avatar" this week finally and I truly do see the message in it and why I was so drawn to it. It completely mirrors what is wrong in this country...Money drives people to evil...period and if we go to a simpler time or a simpler civilization of educated people; they most likely would want nothing to do with our technology and way of life that is centered on capitalism and the so called "American Dream".

When do we quit worrying about being number one and who's dick is bigger and take into consideration what is best for mankind as a species and for the Earth that gives us all life and not what is convenient or easier, not what will make the most money or give one country the edge over another...We are a living entity on this big ball of life, just like any other species that we have been responsible for eradicating off the globe...No one is above Mother Nature and the sooner we realize that the better off stuff will get on this big fucked up planet we call home.

You have your religious zealots who shove religion and beliefs down our throats every day, they mold society and tell us what is right and wrong, but I say who needs that...I can think for myself and I believe that each human being on this planet is pre-programmed as to what is right and wrong...that is what we refer to as a soul ladies and gentlemen, the thing all these religious sects tell you that they can help you save.

When was the last time you did something you wanted truly wanted to do with no regard to the legality or social viewpoint? Because let me tell you something do that is the definition of freedom as I know it. It is doing what I believe in for myself no matter what ANY FUCKING ONE says...government, judge, parent, ANYONE. 

Does that make me an anarchist, a communist, a liberal? If so, fine, I can accept the labels. What I can't accept is the political runaround and focus on greed and money that is destroying this planet and our civilization and the Bi-Partisan garbage that is spewed each and every day in our so called democracy. This country hasn't been a democracy for as long as I can remember and much longer. Money drives the American Dream which in turn is killing our planet.

You want to know what I believe; you want to know my religion or belief on it all?

I believe we are a pattern, nothing more...A reoccurring pattern in this thing we know as life and "God" as we refer to it is the life force of this planet of which we are all connected to and intertwined with. We are all part of something so much larger than ourselves we cannot even comprehend it...God is the life force of this planet and we are killing that.

Just one example of the way America distracts us from the destruction that goes on worldwide. Remember the animated movie "Madagascar". You probably remember the funny voice over's done by Ben Stiller and others of the animals contained in a zoo. What else do you know about Madagascar, the country? Anything?

Madagascar is an island off the southeastern coast of Africa and the fourth largest island in the world. 5 % of ALL species of life on the planet are located on this island and of that 80% is found ONLY in Madagascar. There are plants, trees, insects, amphibians, primates, mammals, fish, and an untold amount of undiscovered species that are only found on this island. Cures and treatments for cancer, Alzheimer's, AIDS, have all been found from a variety of flora and fauna that are found nowhere else in the world except for the rain forests in Madagascar of which over 75% percent have been destroyed through a deforestation method known as "Slash & Burn" that the inhabitants resort to so as to farm rice paddies and produce charcoal, the top two occupations of the natives there. 

Two thirds of the population of Madagascar lives below the national poverty level of $1.25 a day and due to this the people destroy their own lands to merely survive. They have been exploited by mining companies and other big business to the point of no return. They are destroying an area in this world that may hold answers we will need in the future, answers and organisms we aren't even aware we need yet...all because someone, somewhere wants to line his pockets in the here and now.

Does the fact that I am concerned about the greater good of this planet, not just America make me a socialist or a communist or some other notion of bullshit political label? doesn't.What it makes me is a responsible human being who is sick of lines being drawn in the sand by America and its bullshit "conquer all" attitude. America's, money before everything, attitude really needs to be put in check and the only way that can happen is to move past the prison walls of judgment and religious differences and be intelligent...Seek the answers and ask the questions that no one is willing to...that is freedom and that is where greatness and enlightenment will embrace you.

Believe that we are all part of a bigger picture...Life

In the words of my father: "We can't kill the Earth, it will kill us first". 

Look for more comment on this topic in the future...It is up to us to be educated and see the bigger picture and I will do all in my power to try and make that a reality.

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