Saturday, January 30, 2010


Starting with today's blog I am going to write a little bit of a tribute to my family members who are so very dear to me. Each day I will focus on one member of my family and point out why they are not only so special to me, but a value to the world we live in today.

Today I am going to write a little bit about my sister, Alicia Stinson (Fink).

Alicia is a truly wonderful woman. She is a registered nurse who works with terminally ill patients at a hospital in Louisville KY. She is a two time graduate of the University of Louisville with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration being her first and her nursing degree being her second.  She is a remarkably intelligent and passionate woman and gives all of her heart and soul to each and every challenge she encounters in life. She is married to a wonderful man who I am proud to call my Brother in Law, Blake Stinson. I will not go into detail on him because his time will come as well...

She is very opinionated but highly educated as well, which gives her reason to be of her opinions. She has excellent decision making skills and is not afraid to stand up for what is right based on her beliefs.
She is of strong family values and Christian morals, and that is a direct result of our upbringing in a strong Christian family. She is also blessed with exterior beauty to compliment that which lies within her heart of gold. She is humble and values the opinions of others and that is truly a rare quality in today's society.

My sister is one of the great people in our world today and if you ever have the pleasure to meet her in your life's journey, engage her in conversation, if for only a moment, and you will see for yourself that all I have written about her today is not at all biased by my deep love for her.

I Love You "Toots"


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The Matriarch said...

Such a beautiful tribute to your sibling! Such an eloquent portrayal from a renewed heart! I love you!

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