Sunday, January 10, 2010

Why I beleive Wal-Mart is Satan incarnate...

I have recently completely boycotted Wal-Mart and I am passing along my experiences there in hopes that this country will follow suit and put this greedy corporation who is famous for poor customer service and failure to address consumer complaints out of business...for good.

I remember when Wal-Mart began to spring up all over the United States in the 80's. They didn't start out as much. They were just another nationwide department store that had good selection and good prices. They were customer oriented at that point and prospered because of that quality along with their product selection and quality.

As time went on they grew rapidly and moved into the grocery store business as well. They added other such convenience features to their "Supercenters" such as banking, hair salons, tire and lube service, and even franchise restaurants INSIDE so that you could grab a bite to eat while you shopped. They flourished while cornering the market on convenience. (I am still waiting for Wal-Dentists and Wal-Therapy to start springing up inside)

After many years of not being able to go inside and piss without losing an hour, the final straw came a few days ago when my fiancée and I found that we had been misinformed by an associate about their selection of air mattresses. (Surprise, surprise!)
We were told that the only ones they carried were located in sporting goods and we purchased one for approx. $60.00 along with a manual air pump (now, if anyone is on an exercise regimen, drop it and blow up a queen size mattress with a dual- action manual air hell of a work out I can tell you.)
 A few weeks later when we went in for sundries we discovered a much nicer air mattress in the domestics section and it plugged into the wall for inflation. We came home, boxed up the other air mattress and pump, found the receipt and headed back to town to exchange it for the electric model.

We reached the customer service desk (whose name is a far reach of the imagination) and approached the clerk and explained the situation. We told her we didn't want a refund or anything like that, just an exchange due to the fact of a misunderstanding. Well, her "Customer Service" manager( who could've been no older than 18) came storming over and declared that they had a 15 day return policy on air mattresses and that we couldn't exchange the one we had. I proceeded to tell her that my receipt didn't state that nor was I informed of that policy and also saw it nowhere on the HUGE return policy billboard behind the desk where she was standing. She tried to then tell me that it was inside the box of the mattress that I purchased and that all Coleman brand air mattresses had the policy inside the box. Well, here was problem number two which I proceeded to explain to her: I didn't purchase a Coleman brand mattress, I purchased an Ozark Trail mattress and there was no FUCKING return policy anywhere to be found!

I was beginning to get irate at this point and I asked the adolescent manager how I was supposed to know about the new air mattress return policy if I wasn't informed and it wasn't on my receipt or posted anywhere in their store...she then shrugged her shoulders at me...and I said...NO! Go get your store manager NOW!

She stormed off and mumbled that she "guaranteed" I would not be getting a refund or exchange for my mattress.

As I stood there I made several rude and very loud comments about what piss poor service Wal-Mart gives to their customers and that apparently we now had to figure out return policies via mental fucking telepathy. Maybe I will have time to do that while I wait for forty-five minutes in one of the three open checkout lines of fifty that are installed in all these stores.

I then stated loudly to my fiancée that if they did not return this fucking air mattress, I was going to blow up the mattress and sit outside on it and tell everyone that ventured inside to head straight for health and beauty and grab the Vaseline and prepare for the fucking that they would eventually get from Wal-Mart...I know, I am not the most subtle of people on the planet, but I usually get my point across.

5 minutes later the phone on the desk rang and another clerk besides the one that was "helping" us picked up the phone, she then walked over to our associate and tried to whisper to her, so as not to be heard..."refund the money and get him out of here per Scott"(The store manager who I was "guaranteed" would not be refunding my money or exchanging my item by the 18 year old telepathically psychic manager.)

When the associate got finished ringing the receipt in, she asked me if I still wanted to exchange our mattress for the other one we had found, I chuckled and told her not if you gave it to me for free.

That was my final trip to Wal-Mart...

I hope this story will inspire at least a few of you to value the "Mom & Pop" stores in your community and buy local.

Fuck Sam Walton and his billion dollar convenience store full of disgruntled employees and disrespect for the consumer, we are the people who made you rich asshole. (and yes, I know he's dead.)

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Anonymous said...

Bob and I stopped shopping there years ago. You need to watch the documentary called "The High Price of going Low". This also stopped selling milk from local farmers. Hate everything about that corporation. We will not be renewing our Sam's Club membership at the end of the year either.

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