Thursday, December 10, 2009

My two cents worth...

Today's topic came to me as I was going about the duties of my day today. Yesterday afternoon on our way home from shopping our car decided to shut off while doing 65 mph on the highway. Not the greatest thing to have happen to you.

We pulled off to the side of the road and tried a few times to get it to start again to no avail. After a few minutes of piddling around under the hood, I told my Girlfriend to call the towing company in our town and get us a tow home. I had an idea what was wrong and I thought I could fix it.

We got home in the early afternoon and I messed around with it for a little while and determined that it was one of three things: (I am pretty good with solving problems) 1. It could be the battery needed replaced. It was almost 9 years old after all. 2. The starter was bad, and I started to lean away from this theory due to the fact that I had just replaced it less than six months prior. or  3. The neutral start switch in the steering column was bad. This tells the engine that the car is in park or neutral and removes the ignition lock so that the engine can start.

I decided to talk to my Dad, the wonderful wise man that he is, and ask his sagely advice on the matter at hand. I explained to him what happened and what I had figured out on my own and asked him to hypothesize with me.

He said the first place he would start is the battery.

I took it upon myself to get bundled up in work clothes, go outside and disconnect the battery and remove it from our car, and then pack it into a backpack so that I could strap it on my back and walk the two miles up the road to the auto parts store in the blowing snow to have it tested. I know... I know...I'm awesome.

As I was walking and working around in my thoughts it came to me that no one was stopping to see what I was doing or stopping by to see if I might need a ride for some reason. Not to offer any assistance or help whatsoever.

That folks is what is wrong with this country today. No one is willing to help or assist their fellow man or this country in its daily struggle. We have all become so cozy and sloth like in our million dollar homes and our greedy little self centered lives that we are destroying the morals that this country was built upon. We are setting a horrible example for our children who will someday inherit the mess we are constantly creating.

I will never try and push what I believe as far as my religious view go onto anyone, I believe that is a choice we all have to make for ourselves. But I will stand up and say, every chance that I get, that this country and the people who are supposedly running it are doing a piss poor job of holding up the principles and qualities that have made us great, and that my friends is why we are failing as a nation. That is why the jobs are going down the toilet, the economy is crap right now and why kids are being molested by priests...Because there is no God in this world anymore and there is no moral value being lived or taught.

What happened to helping someone in need? Now we just turn a cold shoulder and tell ourselves "Not my problem"

What happened to doing whatever it takes to get the job done? Now we just sit around, collect unemployment, and let the Government worry about what to do then bitch because the economy is in shambles.

I am currently unemployed right now and I go out each and every day and WALK or take the bus or do whatever I have to do to try and find work so I can feed myself and my family. I am having a hard time right now too, but I know better than to just sit around and hope it will all get better on its own. I am determined to do whatever I have to do to make it better, and that starts by me making my voice heard and trying to motivate the thing that makes our great nation work. The People!

I will not sit around and just bitch about the problems we all face. I know that we have to all work together and do something to help the economy get back to where it belongs. I know I am willing to work, and work for minimum wage if I  must in order to make sure I have a roof over my head, and food in my belly and clothes on my back.

I hear all these people around different areas of the country pissing and moaning about Latino's and illegal aliens taking all the construction jobs or manual labor jobs...That's bullshit.
The reason they get those jobs is because they are willing to work and aren't LAZY like most of the fat worthless kids of my generation. The Latinos go work for minimum wage and work their asses off for what they get and EARN their pay and raises and jobs. They don't expect to just have it handed to them like all the white lazy pieces of trailer shit laying around in this country getting fat off Uncle Sam because they can.

I understand people need help from time to time, I have needed it myself. I am directing this towards the thousands of people who are just fucking lazy and unwilling to work because they know they can play the system and get away with it. They are why we are where we are as a country...laziness.

I know I will be able to support myself enough that I can keep an internet connection so that I can get on here and write a blog each day and tell anyone who is willing to listen to me what the hell is wrong and what we need to do. GET UP OFF YOUR ASSES AND DO WHATEVER IT TAKES TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!  That is what made this country great and what will continue to keep it great.

Everyone needs to quit complaining and sitting on their lazy dead asses and go work for what you want. You aren't entitled to anything in this world. You have to go out and make a way for yourself in life. We have become a "right now" society content with disposable razors, computer telephones, and free range chicken. FUCK THAT!!!

I'm pretty sure that chickens were put on this earth to feed us...So honestly I don't give a shit one way or the other if it has lived its unimportant life in a cage or on the great fucking plains...I just want to eat it and not mortgage my house in order to do that!

I want to be able to raise a family in a world that I don't have to worry about my kids going to school to be educated as our forefathers fought to give them the right to do. That is their right because men died for that right on bloody battlefields all over the world and if I have to go to work in the morning and for even a second wonder if some unbalanced, improperly raised hoodlum with access to daddy's Glock .40 is going to shoot my baby up during science class...then people we need a great big fucking wakeup call...Do you understand what I am saying? Are you picking up what I am putting down here?

We need to change...We need to get back to fundamentals and revert to where this country first gained its great strength and hearty backbone that has carried us for all these years. We need to get back to God, Family and Love for one another. If we live our lives with these principles in place each day, there is no way we can fail at what we set out to do.

Just give it some thought....


muttnu said...

Jeremy, you are a natural when it comes to writing. I look forward to reading your blog, I especially agree with your view on people thinking they are "owed" something. We have lost our way and need to find our way back. Where did we miss the turn in the road?

Anonymous said...

I would have picked you up!! and you know it

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