Sunday, December 13, 2009

The war we should be fighting....

Each year politicians promise Americans that they will lead them to salvation as a country only because they need their votes in order to secure their place in life. They care not for the needs of the people or what is best for the nation. They only care about job security for themselves and public reliance on a government that they have corrupted to the point of chaos.
 If and when they achieve what they desire they then must play it cool so as to not discard the trust that they have won with their silver tongues and empty promises.
Once they have reached the pinnacle that they have strived for, they are quick to turn their backs on those who put their faith in them so freely and eagerly, those who hoped for brighter days and for changes that will never come.
They pass their laws and hurry to advance their personal agendas before the people grow wise to their mistruths and cast them out. It has gone on for far too long and yet those who have the power of change at their fingertips continue to be duped and blinded by mere words time and time again.
Every election there is a new hero that comes to light. Someone who will be the great champion of the people and deliver America from the corruption and moral bankruptcy it has fallen into. They reassure society that they are different than all the others, but in truth they are selling the same smoke and mirror show as the next guy.
Unfortunately the answer to this problem is not a simple one. Democracy is a fickle gal, full of contradiction and rhetoric, open to interpretation by those who sing its praises. What makes it so wonderful is also its greatest shortcoming.
So what is the answer to America's problems? Where does this turmoil stop and change begin? Is it going too far to say that there is no way out of this deep and darkened hole that has been dug?
No friends, all is not lost...

There is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel for America, hope for "The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave", promise for the great nation that so many have given their lives for on foreign soils. All it requires is that its people be willing to fight a new war, a war that starts in the very backyards where Americans live. It is not a war of violence or bloodshed; it is a war of wills and of wits, a war that requires the people of this nation to return to fundamentals and principles that gave birth to this country that is called home. A war of whatever it takes...
A war that can be won if there someone willing to fight it...

I am...are you?

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