Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Sparkles and Shimmers...

                                                        A Poem by:  Jeremy C. Fink

It sparkles and shimmers and I shiver as it fades, not to black, only to memories of love and laughter we've shared.

 I lie here quite often and simply whisper your name just to feel it gently move across my lips as if to replace this loneliness with joy, joy of the love that we share.

I try not to cry and it works most times, except on occasion when a particular remembrance strikes my very soul and then I realize we are apart and I shatter like a pane of thin glass.

 Something so meaningful, so beautiful, it would be unjust to not shed a tear on its behalf. All my memories of you and our love are so vibrant and brilliant.

I can only compare them to how I feel when I get lost in your smile or your eyes and the number of times I have done that evades me.

I thank God for my memories and the tears that accompany them; they serve to remind me of you and just how special you are.

 I thank Him for those thoughts that are mine alone, because no one can ever take those away from me, no matter what. They are mine forever, just as I wish for you to remain.

It won't be long until we are together again and can pick up right where we left off, creating the precious and everlasting memories only we can.
Memories of love, with love, for love, in love...just as I am so deeply with you, my love.

Sept. 2009

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